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    Time to plant a couple of new bushes!

    It's time to plant bushes and make better use of the garden. At the moment a lot of our garden has been grass, just simple and plain grass. Which is a bit booring to be honest. But I managed to convince my husband that we needed to plant a couple of bushes, I just told him about the berries he eventually can eat from them and he as on board.

    So right now I've started the work to plant two Raspberry bushes and one Elderflower bush. It's a lot of work though since I first have to make the soil ready but taking away all the grass and weeds. Then put a protective carpet there and then plant the bushes. Don't want the weeds or the grass to grow right back, that's why I put a carpet there. Now I just have to wait a couple of years for the bushes to grow.

    My plum tree

    One of my gardens best additions is the plum tree. It gives the garden some much needed shade but most years it provides us with a lot of plums. We make sure to put them to good use, we make whine, marmalades, jams and even chilisauces with plum. However most years the tree produce so much plums that we need to give a lot away, we simple can't keep up with the growth.

    Random thought

    “Life begins the day you start a garden.” – Chinese proverb